Clinical Hypnosis for Healing and Change

“Hypnosis is a state of deep concentration where the mind is focused so that imagination and thoughts can be used to alter behaviors and responses.”

Susan Cambria, BSN, APRN,CRNA, MPA now has an office located at 40 Commerce Park in Suite 1.  Susan is certified in clinical hypnosis for the treatment of weight loss, smoking cessation, irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety and some forms of pain management.

Stop by our reception desk for a brochure or call her at (203) 848-7084 and leave a message to schedule an appointment or obtain more information.

Medical Marijuana

A current topic in the news has been the legalization of marijuana for patients with specific diseases which benefit from smoking this drug. Physicians at IMM are evaluating this discussion but will absolutely not be prescribing any medication which is still considered illegal.